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Youth Conference 2010 July 12, 2010

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This past Thursday I was able to attend the 2010 Youth Conference with our young men and young women from church.  I had a blast!  I can’t wait for my kids to be 14 so they can have this fabulous opportunity.  Such a great event, the spirit was amazing and the fun we had was (as Brenna would say) AWESOME!  I love our youth, they set such a great example for those around them.  It was very hard for me to leave my family for three days, REALLY HARD.  I missed them every day.  In the end though I had a great time and I know that I can bring the knowledge gained at conference home to them.  It really was an amazing three days.

Here are some pictures that were taken while we were at conference…….

Of course I had to take advantage of the long line for dinner and give my favorite person a call…. just wish my phone call with Rodi hadn’t been captured by the camera…LOL  Oh well.


This is our friend Kristy.  We were so happy she could join us at Youth Conference!!!


See I wasn’t the only leader trying to stay connected *smile*


The Smithfield Branch Youth (plus our adopted youth Kristy and Paul) and their leaders


The pirate and the broken camera… so sorry Ruthie *sigh*

Oh how the girls will miss Paul……he was such a nice addition to our little group.

From one mom to antother…… sometimes it is hard to be away from our family at home, but what we can gain in that time apart can sometimes be priceless.


If at first you don’t succeed…. June 26, 2010

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…wait 8 years and try again

That’s our sweet little Carley J when she was an adorable 3 years old.

As you can tell ballet wasn’t her favorite thing, but I got a picture to treasure for years to come from it.

Now she is 11 and wants to give it one more try.

I spent some time this morning signing the girls up for the fall dance classes.

Soon Rodiville will have 2 dancing ballerinas twirling from room to room.

And when they aren’t twirling and leaping they will be playing the piano and violin or working with the horses.

The boys are going to be busy this fall as well between the horses and Koen’s adventures in to the sport of wrestling.

Looks as if I had better check the tires on the Rodiville taxi… they are going to get a lot of wear and tear this coming year.

From one mom to another…. what they like when they are 3 they may not like when they are 11, however what they dread when they are little they may love when they get older.  Don’t push, let them take a break (sometimes it may even be a long break) when they find what they are happy doing you will be happier driving them there.  Happy drivers cut down on the road rage *smile*


The Name Game June 25, 2010

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If you are a parent you have played this game, if you have a pet of any kind you too have played this game.  We say them out loud over and over, write them on paper, question the opinion of others, determined to find the PERFECT name for our new additions.  We have done this so many times in Rodiville you would think we would have this down to a science by now.   However, that is just not the case.  It still takes us quite a while to come up with a good name.  Recently we have added 2 new horses to the barnyard, Rosebud and Walks Far Woman.

Rosebud without a doubt is in love with Miss Carley J.  Carley J just walks into the pasture and Rosebud perks right up and heads over for some of that sweet lovin’ from our lil’ cow girl.  Rosebud is a name that has some roots in our house, just so happens it was also the name of this 2 yr old beauty when we purchased her.


Walks Far Woman is a beautiful 6yr old mare and has a great personality for Rodi.  The two are getting along  just fine.  Going out into the pasture and calling “Walks Far” seemed a bit odd for Rodi and I.  I sort of refuse to have anyone going out to the pasture and calling out “Woman, come here, Woman”  (Oh I know you are laughing… EXACTLY why I vetoed that) .  So what does one call her then?  We have tossed around several new names (knowing she will always really be Walks Far Woman).  This new name would just be her “barn name”.  I have searched and searched for another Native American name for her and just never found one Rodi and I both agreed upon.  Last night though it hit me like a ton of bricks, this horse has moved around quite a few times in the past 6 years, Walks Far Woman is really actually quite fitting in that regard.  HELLO…  she is a traveling kind of gal (who will be staying put now *smile*) .



Such a fitting name for our new friend.

From one mom to another…… a name is a special thing, something that has to be chosen carefully and should be fitting, take your time and  the name will find you.


Lights, Camera….. DANCE! June 16, 2010

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This past Sunday Kate had her very first dance recital.

a little pre-show photo session

The song they danced to was Jump, Jive, An’ Wail.


A brand new view June 10, 2010

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The zoo is growing.  Rodiville is now home to Dexter (miniature cows), Zebu (miniature cows), a Baby Doll Ram ( a miniature breed of sheep), a chocolate lab, a black lab, and now when I look out my window there is a horse too.  What a spectacular view, indeed.


Carley and Rosebud at the horse lot

Happy kids, Happy Rosebud... Welcome Home Rosebud!

Now the kids goal is to train …. Me to do better around horses.  Breaking Rosebud might be easier than that LOL!    Rosebud and the kids seem to be doing well and even the cows are enjoying their new roommate in the barnyard.  Rosebud is young, just 2 years old and has not been ridden yet.  The kids are working hard at getting her to that point.  I can’t wait to post pictures along the way so you can all see the progress they are making as they forge this new friendship with Rosebud.  Oh and you never know maybe there will be a picture or two of me in there.  Seriously people I want to be more comfortable around horses, I really do.  But have you noticed even our cows and sheep are miniature… do you think that is a coincidence?


And we wonder why…. June 1, 2010

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the Rodiville kids are always getting injured……

They play in the field with the livestock,

Climb metal posts

and make a game out of jumping over swinging sticks!

Even our animals like to give us a hard time

Do you see how she is sticking her tongue out at us?  Guess she wasn’t in the mood to have her picture taken.

Or maybe she was just bragging about her escape from ….

KC was all smiles even if in the end she escaped

No one was injured today.  Life in Rodiville is GOOD.

Even Jack was behaving, look at him trying to be all cute and innocent, after he DESTROYED my garden last night!

Big Mamma and Dodge continue to be the good kids in the bunch, just doing their thing and not causing any trouble along the way.

However Dodge does think living with other sheep might make it a tad easier to stay clean.  Life with the cows can be messy.

From one mom to another…… kids will be kids, they will do things we just don’t always understand.  From time to time these choices will cause them to fall and possibly even get hurt.  However there will be days that the choices they make , as odd as they may seem to you, will bring them no sorrow or pain, just happiness and smiles.


Just another day… May 26, 2010

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Meet Jack.  He is our 11 month old Dexter calf

He found a nice shady spot to rest.

Wouldn’t it be nice if that tree was INSIDE the pasture?

Yes Jack, you are BUSTED!

Now wouldn’t be even better if he was headed back to the pasture?

That would be just too easy.

Jack actually left his shady apple tree to go and harass the Angus  cows over at my neighbors.  Getting him to return home required some 4×4 action in the big red truck.  Good thing I put on my country girl pants today, the city girl in me would have just cried.

From one mom to another….. choose your attitude and attire for the day carefully, you just never know what task you may have to tackle where both attitude and attire could play a big part in your success.